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Rocky Trail Entertainment puts bums on seats –
more than 4,000 of the cycling kind a year!

We host some of Australia’s major cross-country mountain bike races, like the JetBlack 24 Hour, the SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix series, the AMB 100 Marathon and the JetBlack 12 Hour. A huge passion of ours is gravity enduro and downhill racing and we are always scouting new trails – our Fox Rollercoaster #Superflow hydrated by CamelBak series is going strong. We have been boosting and nurturing the downhill scene and you can race the RedAss Downhill Enduro series with us. With Diamonds in the Dirt we are bringing you a women's only XC race and the Hard Rock Double is a brand new concept.

We ourselves share the passion of racing mountain bikes. When we don't organise events we try and race as many as we can. Here you can follow the Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing Team at the 21st Crocodile Trophy.

So, whatever bends your banana, whatever floats your boat, whatever mountain bike gets you to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go riding – you can be racing it with Rocky Trail Entertainment!

Rocky Trail Events Calendar

Event Name Date Location Type
JetBlack 24 Hour 23. + 24. Jan. 2016 James Estate, Upper Hunter Valley / NSW XC
AMB 100 Marathon 14. February 2016 Stromlo / ACT XC / Marathon
Fox Rollercoaster 1 28. February 2016 Ourimbah MTB Park / NSW Superflow
Shimano MTB GP Round 1 5. March 2016 Glenrock / NSW XC
Hard Rock Double 19. + 20. March 2016 Glenworth Valley / NSW Trailrun,
XC, Cyclocross, E-bike, Fatbike
Fox Rollercoaster 2 2. April 2016 Thredbo / NSW Superflow
RedAss Downhill Enduro 1 2. + 3. April 2016 Thredbo / NSW Downhill Enduro
Shimano MTB GP Round 2 9. April 2016 Singleton / NSW XC
Fox Rollercoaster 3 24. April 2016 Stromlo / ACT Superflow
Shimano MTB GP Round 3 7. May 2016 Stromlo / ACT XC
Shimano MTB GP Round 4 25. June 2016 Ourimbah MTB Park / NSW XC
Diamonds in the Dirt 2. July 2016 Awaba MTB Park / NSW XC Women
Fox Rollercoaster 4 10. July 2016 Killingworth / NSW Superflow
Shimano MTB GP Round 5 23. July 2016 The Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan / NSW XC
Fox Rollercoaster 5 6. + 7. August 2016 Kempsey / NSW Superflow
Shimano MTB GP Round - B date 13. August 2016   XC
RedAss Downhill Enduro Champs 3.+ 4. September Green Valleys MTB Park / NSW Downhill Enduro
JetBlack 12 Hour 10. September 2016 Mowbray Park Farm, Picton / NSW XC
RedAss Downhill Enduro 2 15. + 16. October 2016 Lithgow / NSW Downhill Enduro
Originally scheduled to be our 24 hour weekend we are planning to hold a race on this date but the JetBlack 24 Hour will return in 2017. 26. + 27. November 2016 TBC TBC
Dates and venues are subject to change.