Cycle the Lake

At the 2017 Lakes Festival we invite you to explore the beautiful shore along our Lake on your bicycle. The Central Coast has a thriving on and off-road cycling community and offers an exciting variety of safe cycle paths. We personally have mapped some of the most popular routes, which connect all of our Lakes Festival event hubs! These routes can be enjoyed by families with kids as well as passionate cyclists.

Explore our beautiful Lakes Festival venues and events on your bike and stop at playgrounds, bicycle-friendly cafes and pretty lookouts along the way. The map also includes pointers to amenities, water fountains and bike shops nearby.

Here you can dowload the entire Lakes Festival Program.

Visitors and locals will be surprised which hidden gems you can discover along the way. The goal of this map is not to be include every path but put together nice trails and loops that the locals ride.

Check out the map and make sure you visit our Pop Up location at Long Jetty Foreshore Saturday 11 November 9am – 3pm. Bring your bike, have a chat, we'd love to meet you!

Click on this icon to open the map legend and trail descriptions.
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If you have questions please email:
Please be aware that trail and road conditions can change, ride to your abilities, obey the road rules and always wear a helmet.