Scavenger Hunt 2018

The Scavenger Hunt will open on October 24 2018!
Don't fill out the forms below as they will be deleted prior to the Hunt commencing.

Welcome to the Lakes Festival Bike Scavenger Hunt 2018!

You can hunt between October 24 and November 21.
We have two bicycles valued at a total RRP $2,500 up for grabs at the Lakes Festival Bike Scavenger Hunt 2018.

Register once here:

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What it's all about

We invite you to explore the beautiful shore along our Lakes on your bicycle.
The Lakes Festival Scavenger Hunt is proudly hosted by the Rocky Trail crew - we are a local cycling events organiser based on the Central Coast and we mapped some of the most popular routes! We picked some hot spots for cyclists all around the Central Coast where you can collect answers for the Bike Scavenger Hunt, including bicycle-friendly cafes and pretty lookouts as well as playgrounds and Lakes Festival venues and events.

Register for the Scavenger Hunt with all your details online once and then record your visited spots and answers via the online portal. Each recorded position along with the correct answer gets you one entry into the draw into our prize pool - the more hot spots you visit, the more entries and chances of winning you get! The two major prizes on offer will be one Adult Bicycle (RRP $2,000) and one Kids Bicycle (RRP $500) from the Bicycle Tech Bar in Tuggerah.

Here is how it works in detail - happy riding and exploring the Central Coast and our beautiful Lakes!

  1. Register for the Scavenger Hunt
    Every participant needs to do this once.
    By registering you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Site opens in a new page.
  2. Find the hotspots of the Scavenger Hunt as seen on the map below. We encourage you to ride your bike to get to as many as you can.
  3. Once you get to a hotspot go to this form and answer to question relating to it. Site opens in a new page.
  4. For every correct question and correctly filled out form you increase your chance to win by 1. So the more hotspots you visit the bigger your chances of winning.
  5. To be eligible, competitors must attend and answer at least 1 question related to The Lakes Festival Events.
  6. The winners will be drawn on November 21 2018 and notified via phone and email.
  7. Full terms and conditions of the Scavenger Hunt can be found here. NSW permit number LTPS/18/28259

Click on this icon to open the map legend and trail descriptions.
Click this icon to open the map in fullscreen in your browser or Google Maps if it's installed on your mobile device.
Click here for the direct link to the map in case it doesn't load properly.
If you have questions please email:
Please be aware that trail and road conditions can change, ride to your abilities, obey the road rules and always wear a helmet.