14 February 2016 - Stromlo Forest Park, ACT

AMB 100 Marathon

The AMB 100 Marathon. A singletrack marathon.
It's different, because it's lap-based.
It's tough, because it's packed with singletracks.
It's hard, because you'll race almost all the trails of Stromlo Forest Park on a giant monster circuit.

All that makes it one of the most demanding mountain bike maratahons on the Aussie MTB endurance calendar. The sweeping climbs, rocky descents and flowying trails at Stromlo, however, also mean that it gets you into a rythm that makes it one of the most fun and rewarding races you'll ever do.

It features the longest racing circuit possible at the popular MTB park and for the classic marathon challenge participants will have to complete three laps of the ~30km race course, which links together almost all of the trail sections at Stromlo. A mass race start at 8am will also offer a pairs category and one and two lap options. By then the growing number of marathon addicts will have completed almost a third of their race - the five-lap AMB 100 Miler kicks off at 5am with views of a glorious sunrise over the Capital.

Mike Blewitt, experienced marathon racer and editor of the Australian MTB Magazine, the event's headlinie sponsor, says of the race:
“Racing at Stromlo is an immense challenge, and as patrons of the AMB 100 Marathon, we are excited to present this event for Australian Mountain Bikers. The trails and terrain at Stromlo always determine a deserving winner, and with the variety of challenges on offer from a one lap race to the 100 miler, and with paired racing options, there is something for everyone out there. I’ve raced on every continent except the big frozen one, but the trails and racing I have experienced at Mt Stromlo have always left me both exhausted and exhilarated. This will be one of the toughest races on the Australian calendar, yet the variety of events and location means it is accessible to many.”

Race Format

The 100 km Mates category
This is for you and that special someone in your life that you want to spend 100 km out on the bike with ;-) Go on, ride, race, laugh, suffer and enjoy a day out on one of the most challenging and fun MTB tracks in Australia together!

The 5-lap 100 Miler!
That's right - we dare you to start your pain fest of a race at 5 am - a morning lap at Stromlo is one of the most memorable experiences on your bike! Start in the dark and as the sun comes out, the view from the top of the observatory will put a spell on your legs to keep you going all day!

About the race circuit
Climb up to the top via Bluegum and then it’s the sweeping descents of Skyline and Luge that will keep your heart rate up, tight switchback climbs, some sections to recover at Willow’s Link, fast downhills – look out Party Line! - everything a mountain biker’s heart could wish for!

Bring family & friends
This is a family-friendly event with kids races and activities. Yummy food, coffee and drinks will be available all day and the riders are treated to fresh fruit, energy drinks and snacks at the Euro-style feed zone in the event centre after each lap!

You can Choose Your Own Challenge with the options to ride 33km, 66km, 100km or 100miles.

In this circuit race the distance challenges are on a 25 - 33 km loop:

  • 3 laps for the full 100 km distance
  • 2 laps for a 66 km race
  • 1 lap for a 33 km race
  • 100 miler with 5 laps

There will be a mass start for the first three and we will most likely send the three different racing categories off in 5-10 min intervals to avoid congestions on the first lap.

Start time for the 100miler is 5am to give you that rewarding morning lap and let's you finish with the crowd.

After each lap the times will be recorded at the event centre; the fastest rider in each category wins. Male and female age categories offered include Junior, Elite, Master and SuperMaster.

Riders in the 100km Mates category need to cross the finish line after every lap together (within 3 bike lengths).

Camping at Stromlo Forest Park
Camping will be allowed on Saturday night and is free of charge.
This is a family friendly event, with heaps of entertainment for the kids. A lot of different kids races will be available on the day with attractive prizes and certificates. Entertainment in the form of colouring in competitions and face painting will keep them busy and happy.

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