10. September 2016

Mowbray Park Farm, Picton, NSW

Staying at the Mowbray Park Farm

If you plan to stay overnight please book directly with the friendly guys from Mowbray Park Farm.

  • They offer en-suited rooms at $75PP twin share, $65PP triple and $55PP 4 or more.
  • Their other lodges (multi-share) are $45PP with multiple rooms and bathroom facilities.
  • They can provide breakfast at the Coach House for $20pp, early on the race day and Sunday.
  • There is a camping option as well for $10 per person down at the sports field away from the road.


Racing options and categories

  • 12H – Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Solo, Pairs, Teams of 3, 4 and Open 6, as well as Junior Team of 4
  • Special sub-categories – check out the Registration section for more category information about
    • Masters (40+)
    • Super Masters (50+)
    • Singlespeed
    • Unicycle
Race format and who wins

Basically, the race is a relay-style race. Team riders of the first lap (who start the race for their teams) can after 1 lap hand over to the next team member or keep riding – that's up to the teams to decide. As soon as you ride 1 lap per solo rider, respectively per team, your time counts and is valid in the final results.

Mixed male/female teams: each team needs to record at least one female AND one male lap to be in the results.

The rider in the solo categories / the team with most laps (and shortest time thereafter) wins. If there are riders/teams in a category with the same number of laps, the fastest total lap time determines the ranking.

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