2017 Edition
The date for the 2017 JetBlack 24 will be 18+19 February. The location of the race is still to be confirmed.
Overview 2016

23.+24. January 2016 - James Estate Winery, Baerami, Upper Hunter Valley

Every few years it's time for something new and we will bring you the "2015" edition of the JetBlack 24 Hour in early 2016 at the wonderful James Estate. The reason for the later date is a very personal one: the Rocky Trail team is growing and we're expecting a baby at the end of November 2015. Having a baby for the first time and running a 24 hour are two standalone events we think - so we hope you understand that we opted for a later date.

With the James Estate we have a venue partner that can offer all the things necessary for a wonderful race: great trails, great camping grounds and a very friendly team offering their local wine to all riders over 18.

We know of course that it can become quite warm in January and therefore have certain protocols in place to ensure the fun and safety of all our riders. It traditionally heats up in the early to mid afternoon so if we have very hot weather on the day we might have a later start and shorten the race by a few hours.
The racetrack holds up really well in wet weather conditions meaning that showers or even longer rain periods won't affect the race.

Impressions of the 2014 race


6+6 Hour

We will continue to run the popular 6+6 Hour racing option for those who want to have break during the night. Plenty of time to have a shower, hearty dinner and a catch up with the team mates - race start is with the 24 Hour enduro riders at 12pm on Saturday and you stop at 6pm. Then, you'll go out again at 6am and finish with the crowds at 12pm on Sunday.


Racing options and categories

  • 24H Solo
  • 24H Teams – Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Pairs, Teams of 3 and 4, as well as Junior Team of 4.
    We will also run an Open 6 Team category.
  • 6+6H – Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Solo, Pairs, Teams of 3 and 4, as well as Junior Team of 4
  • Special sub-categories – check out the Registration section for more category information about
    • Masters (40+)
    • Super Masters (50+)
    • Singlespeed
    • Unicycle
Race format and who wins

Basically, the race is a relay-style race. Team riders of the first lap (who start the race for their teams) can after 1 lap hand over to the next team member or keep riding – that's up to the teams to decide. As soon as you ride 1 lap per solo rider, respectively per team, your time counts and is valid in the final results.

Mixed male/female teams: each team needs to record at least one female AND one male lap to be in the results.

The rider in the solo categories / the team with most laps (and shortest time thereafter) wins. If there are riders/teams in a category with the same number of laps, the fastest total lap time determines the ranking.

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