Race dates & locations

Dates and venues for 2015:

Series Round Location Race Date  
RedAss Downhill Round 1 11. + 12. April 2015 Thredbo / NSW  
RedAss Downhill Championships 25. + 26. July Del Rio, Wisemans Ferry / NSW  
RedAss Downhill Round 2 5. + 6. September
Green Valleys Freeride Park / NSW  
RedAss Downhill Round 3 26. + 27. September Litghow / NSW  

Tuesday 6pm - RedAss DH Round 2 Green Valleys weather update:
New date: 5+6 September
We pushed the date back by 1 week. Registration is of course open and you can sign up for the new date. If you have registered already you have 3 options: 1. Don't do anything and your entry will automatically be transferred to the new date
2. Transfer your entry over to Round 3 at Lithgow - please email us no later than Tuesday 1. September so we can swap the entry over for you.
3. Request a refund: if you can't make either one of the rounds email us no later than Tuesday 1. September and we will issue a refund.

Tuesday 4pm - RedAss DH Round 2 Green Valleys weather update:

It hasn't stopped raining there and unfortunately we can't guarantee that all the water drains quickly enough in time for this weekend so we have no other choice but to postpone the DH race (which is a first I think). We are looking at pushing it back by 1 week to 5+6 September and should be able to confirm the new date by tomorrow morning. Your entry is automatically transferred. If you can't make the new date you can transfer it to the Lithgow Round or get a refund. Will post all the details tomorrow. We hope it doesn't cause too inconvenience for you, but by making the call now we hopefully give you enough time to change your plans. Looking forward to seeing you all on a sunny day out soon.

Tuesday 9.30am - RedAss DH Round 2 Green Valleys weather update:
With 200+mm of rain in the last 24 hours and more on the way we are monitoring the situation on the ground. If it stops raining this afternoon as forecast shuttle road and track should be ok but the paddocks at the bottom might still be flooded on the weekend which would make racing impossible. We will keep you posted and should be able to make a call no later than Wednesday.


Junior Under 15
Junior Under 17
Junior Under 19
Veteran 30 - 39 yrs
Master 40 - 49 yrs
Super Master 50 - 59 yrs
Grand Master 60+
Hardtail Junior under 19ys (only at Champs)
Hardtail Senior (only at Champs)

The 4 female categories will be:
Junior Women
Elite Women
Expert Women
Master Women


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