In 2017 we will bring you more DH races than ever before: together with the main DH clubs in NSW we are bringing you a series based on the success of 2016. 3 races will be run by Rocky Trail and the others by the clubs with points going towards the series.

Based on the popularity of the 2016 event format we will continue doing it that way in 2017. Here is the format explained:

  RedAss Downhill
Shuttles Yes
Number of tracks

One track that you ride twice - the faster of the two times counts

Thredbo being the exception where you only race the track once. We will have seeding runs for some if not all categories.

Recommended bikes Downhill bikes and 5-6 inch travel All-Mountain bikes
Protective gear

Full face helmet is a requirement. U17 and younger categories also must wear knee and elbow guards as well as full finger gloves.
We further recommend neck and back protection.

Tracks used Only downhill. Challenging descents. Most technical features have B-lines.
Start order Traditional DH start order with fixed times when you need to be at the startgate.
Race dates & locations

Dates and venues for 2017:

Series Round      
RedAss Downhill Enduro Championships 1. + 2. April 2017 Thredbo / NSW  
Club run Downhill 1 - points go towards series 8. + 9. April 2017 Ourimbah / NSW hosted by: CCMTB
Club run Downhill 2 - points go towards series 18. June 2017 Awaba / NSW hosted by: HMBA
Club run Downhill 3 - points go towards series 23. July 2017 Del Rio hosted by: WSMTB
RedAss Downhill Enduro 4 6. August 2017 Green Valleys MTB Park / NSW  

RedAss Downhill Enduro 5

supported by:

14. + 15. October 2017 Lithgow / NSW  
The male categories are:
Junior Under 13
Junior Under 15
Junior Under 17
Junior Under 19
Veteran 30 - 39
Master 40 - 49
Super Master 50 - 59
Grand Master 60+
The female categories are:
U15 Women
U19 Women
Elite Women
Expert Women
Master Women



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