Dates and venues for 2015:

Series Round Location Race Date  
Round 1 James Estate Winery 14 March 2015  
Round 2 Awaba 18 April 2015
Round 3 Ourimbah 20 June 2015  
Round 4 Stromlo Forest Park 8 August 2015  
Round 5 Mt Annan 12 September 2015  
Round 6 Wylde Mountain 3 October 2015  

The Enduro Series for #rockytrailracers!

Rocky Trail shakes it up in 2015 - SHIMANO MTB GP reloaded!

The SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Series is in its seventh year in 2015. Under the patronage of SHIMANO Cycling Australia and with its host of major sponsors and supporters it has grown to one of the major cross-country endurance racing series in Australia. For 2015, we have six scheduled events at some of the most popular (and our favourite) mountain bike venues in NSW and the ACT, expecting more than 350 riders at each round.

We are proud that Rocky Trail events enjoy the great reputation that they are challenging yet doable, serious yet fun, professional yet friendly - all driven by its Directors' commitment to run a business that promotes fair races that are exceptionally well run. Our SHIMANO MTB GP events continue to receive respectable coverage across a wide variety of online and print media and what we, Juliane and Martin, hold in the highest regard is that particular human touch-factor that we both thrive to instill into all aspects of our business, especially in the way our events are run. It's an authenticity, we're told, that comes through in the way our entire crew works together to deliver great races.

To fend of any seven-year itches, we've decided to shake things up a little and major changes revolve around the category structure. - Same awesome event atmosphere, same passionate Rocky Trail crew, same and even more great race tracks - more achievements to be celebrated!

Our goal for the SHIMANO MTB GP Series 2015 is to provide more tools and platforms to celebrate a wider variety of achievements via online certificates promptly available after each race and in more age groups and additional quirky measurements - ever wondered if shiny legs are faster than hairy ones?

We want to reward as many riders as possible with prizes across the series. We want to deliver a series that is less of an elite- and winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all participants.

At the centre of the race results will be that General Classification (GC) determining the major winners of a race. A further measure will be a wider variety of age groups, which will determine the Category podiums. You will receive a placing in both GC as well as one category.

The biggest change, however, we propose will be the way we hand out prizes: we will hand out the prizes BEFORE the race start!

Rather than handing out the prizes we get from our fantastic sponsors to the winning riders only, we are introducing a streamlined GC product-reward winning, fixed podium structure and then to spread more spot prizes across the entire field.

We plan to issue as many raffle giveaway tickets as we receive prizes from our sponsors at each race and they will be categorised according to item value. Each rider with a "winning ticket" will be able to pick a prize from the "Rocky Trail Bazaar" of spot prizes. Additional tickets go into the draw for a selected number of major prizes, which will differ from race to race.

Additionially, we will facilitate a more detailed analysis of race results via online certificates. These will be based on a few more parameters that we'll ask you to give us when you sign up.

What you race for:

  • GC podium places will receive a certificate and a prize
  • Category podium places will receive a certificate of achievement

Series rewards:

  • Series GC podium places will receive a special trophy and certificate
  • Series Category podium places will receive a special trophy and certificate
See what it's like to be a #rockytrailracer
News and race updates
Remember to check out our brand new "NEWS" section on the website. We will post all the last minute race updates for you there.
Racing options

We will again bring you the popular 4-hour “FAST” and the “FURIOUS” 7-hour racing options across all five series races. Race “fast” for half a day or “furiously” for a full day, but have a little bit more time to pack up and get home safely.

  • FAST GP – the popular 4 Hour endurance race if you only have time for or want to spend half the day on your bike.
  • FURIOUS GP – 7 Hour race duration for all the endurance enthusiasts out there.
Race format and who wins

The race is a relay-style race. Team riders of the first lap (who start the race for their teams) can after 1 lap hand over to the next team member or keep riding – that's up to the teams to decide. As soon as you ride 1 lap per solo rider, respectively per team, your time counts and is valid in the final results.

Mixed male/female teams: each team needs to record at least one female AND one male lap to be in the results.
The rider in the solo categories / the team with most laps (and shortest time thereafter) wins. If there are riders/teams in a category with the same number of laps, the fastest total lap time determines the ranking.

Racing the whole series

To qualify for overall series points & wins, riders need to complete at least 2 races in their category. After the second round we will publish the teams with the accumulated points. You must race under the same team name in all the races. If you are in a team of 2 or 3 riders at least 1 original member must be in all races riding under that team name.

NSW/ACT Bike Shop Trophy

What is this all about?
Get as many staff members and customers to ride at the SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Series with Rocky Trail and officially become the “fastest bike shop in NSW/ACT” – or the most persistent, that is ;-) The more riders race under your name, the more points they will collect and this is how Rocky Trail helps you

WIN: The official Rocky Trail SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Trophy for display on the shop floor
read: the biggest, most awesome trophy in the Southern Hemisphere that will make you sell more bikes.

SCORE: Rocky Trail lunch or dinner party with Austrian Schnitzels & Czech Bernard Beer, for your entire team at your shop or the Rocky Trail HQ.
read: the most authentic Schnitzels made to Juliane’s grandma’s recipe and the best isotonic drink to put your legs back together after four rounds of MTB GP racing!

Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Bike Shop Trophy riders can participate in the 7-hour or 4-hour elite solo or team categories
  • The more riders and teams ride for your shop, the more series points you collect
  • Bike shop solo riders and teams collect GP series points AND compete in a separate Bike Shop Trophy ranking
  • Riders and teams need to be clearly identified as bike shop racers (team jersey and name)
  • All four GP rounds count for points
  • Teams: at least one original team member needs to be racing every round

How we’ll promote it:

  • Online launch media campaign
  • Photographer at every race – you get photos for your website/newsletter/notice board in-store
  • Listing of participating bike shops on RTE website
  • Facebook feature about participating bike shops after first round
  • Post-series PR campaign for the winning shop
  • Promotion of winning bike shop through Rocky Trail marketing channels

So if you want your local shop to support you when racing the series talk to them, offer to ride in their name and we are sure they will look after you and your bike!

Winners of the last 4 years:

2014 Blackman Bicycles rankings after each round
2013 Blackman Bicycles rankings after each round
2012 Ashfield Cycles rankings after each round
2011 Gordon Street Cycles Final Ranking 2011

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