Series Round Location Race Date
Round 1 Ourimbah 27 January 2014
Championships Thredbo 12 April 2014
Round 2 Kempsey 29 June 2014
Round 3 new location: Ourimbah 16 November 2014

Gravity Enduro Races on All-Mountain bikes that will get your adrenaline pumping!

In 2014 you will race for the official NSW State Titles as the Rollercoaster gained the title of State Series!

All you need is your bike and speed weapon of choice. You ride at your own pace or we'll shuttle you to the top and unleash you onto fun, challenging and fast tracks that will suit downhillers and cross-country riders alike.

Our Gravity Enduro races are best of both worlds – a blend of gravity and endurance, as well as downhill and cross-country racing.

The race tracks will have a combination of downhill sections with wicked berms and flowy trails, but also sections to pedal, recover and for the cross-country endurance racers to shine.

The 2014 locations and race formats

We will battle on 4 different and unique locations for the official title of NSW State Series Winner and State Champion.

Round 1 - Ourimbah MTB Park

Home to one of the first ever All Mountain races in NSW. It's a great track where the top is DH heavy, with a middle bit where you will need to pedal and the final stretch on the track called the Rollercoaster where it's all about beeing smooth and fast.
Start on the DemoTrail to familiarise yourself with the timing system. Your time here will not be added to the overall time but may be used for seeding.
2 different tracks with the same finish - shuttled runs to the top of 1 track, riding to the top of the other - 1 timed run on each track - combined time counts.

Championships - Thredbo

The brand new all mountain flow track is a crowd favourite. It will be by far the longest track of all of them. This race will be part of the Rocky Trail Gravity Weekend in Thredbo combined with the RedAss Downhill State Championships.
1 track - chairlift to the top - 2 runs each - combined time counts

Round 2 - Kempsey

Kempsey Macleay Off Road Cyclists are a club dedicated to Gravity Enduro racing and invited us to play on their hometrack.
2 tracks - 1 timed run per track - combined time counts - no shuttles

Round 3 - back to Ourimbah
While the track at Glenworth Valley which we originally wanted to use is great fun we decided that running only 1 track is not enough. So we went to scout out Ourimbah and found something completely different: we will run 3 tracks simultaneously. You shuttle to the start of 1 of them and have neutral rides to the 2 other starts.
3 tracks - shuttled runs to the top of track 1, neutral rides to the starts of track 2 and 3 - 1 run per track - combined time counts

Video Rider Briefing

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