2016 Season

2016 will bring an evolution to all things gravity at Rocky Trail. With 4 years of Enduro and 6 years of Downhill racing history we have gained a lot of experience in bringing you those races. We are constantly listening to what you have to say and monitor what is going on overseas. By combining this with know how about local trails and how they can be best utilised we are working on the next Rocky Trail gravity racing evolution:

With the exception of Thredbo where we will utilize the chairlift there will be no more shuttles at the Rollercoaster #Superflow. If shuttled races are your thing check out the RedAss Downhill #Enduro series. There will be between 2 and 4 trails per race and the combined times count. Here are the 2 race series explained:

  Fox Rollercoaster #Superflow
hydrated by Camelbak
RedAss Downhill Enduro
Shuttles No, other than Thredbo you ride to the start Yes
Number of tracks

Between 2 and 4 - you ride every track once.
Combined time counts.
In Thredbo there will be 2 runs on the same trail - combined time counts.

One track that you ride twice - combined time counts.
Thredbo being the exception where you only race the track once. We will have seeding runs for some if not all categories.
Recommended bikes All-Mountain bikes with 4-5 inches of travel are ideal but you will also be able to race with a (full suspension) Cross Country bike. Downhill bikes and 5-6 inch travel All-Mountain bikes
Protective gear As much as you like but we only require you to wear a standard cycling helmet.

Full face helmet is a requirement. U17 and younger categories also must wear knee and elbow guards as well as full finger gloves.
We further recommend neck and back protection.

Tracks used Predominantly downhill with a few pedally sections in them. Technical features will have B-lines. Big jumps will be closed off. Only downhill. Challenging descents. Most technical features have B-lines.
Start order You decide the sequence in which you race. Only time to watch is the cut-off time for the last run. No start order. Ride in groups even if you are in different categories. Traditional DH start order with fixed times when you need to be at the startgate.
2016 Dates and Locations
Series Round Race Date Location  
Fox Rollercoaster 1 28. February 2016 Ourimbah MTB Park / NSW near full capacity !
Fox Rollercoaster 2 2. April 2016 Thredbo / NSW SOLD OUT !
Fox Rollercoaster 3 24. April 2016 Stromlo / ACT near full capacity !
Fox Rollercoaster 4 10. July 2016 Killingworth / NSW  
Fox Rollercoaster 5 6. + 7. August 2016 Kempsey / NSW  
Fox Rollercoaster
20. November 2016 Ourimbah MTB Park / NSW
2017 Dates and Locations

While the 2016 season is not even finished we are working hard to bring you a great race lineup for Rocky Trail's 10th season of racing in 2017:

Series Round Race Date Location  
Fox Rollercoaster 1 29. January 2017 Killingworth / NSW  
Fox Rollercoaster 2 1. April 2017 Thredbo / NSW  
Fox Rollercoaster 3 23. April 2017 Stromlo / ACT  
Fox Rollercoaster 4 9. July 2017 Ourimbah MTB Park / NSW  
Fox Rollercoaster 5 1. October 2017 Dungog / NSW  
Fox Rollercoaster Championships 18. + 19. November 2017 Kempsey / NSW
Timing at the Rollercoaster
2015 Round 1 highlights

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